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Wonderf Fill India

Wonderfill Combo Easiner Big 500 ml &100 mll,Liquid polish 100 ml.[Add Free to cart Air Freshener Sanitizer]

Wonderfill Combo Easiner Big 500 ml &100 mll,Liquid polish 100 ml.[Add Free to cart Air Freshener Sanitizer]

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Wonder Fill India is Trusted, Tested & Certified Suppliers from 15 years,


Combo of Anti Rust Easiner Spray in pack of 500ml, 100 ml & All in One Exterior Polish for any surface.

It’s a Multifunctional Spray with following Applications with Instant Results:

  1. Remove Squeaking noise instantly from hinges of doors, windows or anywhere hinges are used. Spray once and within seconds noise is gone.
  2. Rollers of sticky Drawers… it makes them smooth functional instantly.
  3. Sticky Locks of any type: Car, Bike, Door Locks of mechanical types.
  4. Removes stickiness in Car, Bike etc Switches instantly
  5. Open rusted nut & bolts
  6. Spray it to work as Anti-rust agent. Protects from rust and displace moisture
  7. Lubricate Fans, Electric Motor Shafts without any spillage of oil. Just Spray & see instant results. Lubricates any type of ball or roller bearings.
  8. Spray on bike chain… it cleans and lubricates any type of mechanical chain
  9. Lubricate cables of bike, car etc for smooth operations and longer life.
  10. Separates stuck glass ware
  11. Remove sticky ring in the finger
  12. Spray near window frames etc to keep cockroaches, mosquitos and spiders etc pests away.
  13. Removes Chewing Gum from hair
  14. Removes black spots near kitchen gas stove on tiles… just spray and leave it to act for few seconds, scrub and see results within few seconds.
  15. removes tea or other stains on counter=-tops… just spray little Wonderfill Easiner or Magica on damp sponge or damp cloth and wipe it.
  16. Clean toilet bowls for instant results.
  17. Cleans and restores car, bike number plate (without stickers and paint), HSRP type
  18. Lubricate and loosen luggage zippers… just spray and open/close zipper few times and see how smooth it has become.
  19. Degrease your hands if stuck in mobile oil or grease
  20. Easy removal of stickers/decals on any surface of glass, bumper etc
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