What are the main lubrication problems in passenger car engines?

Lubrication problems for passenger car engines fall primarily into the following areas:

  • Low-temperature or light-duty operation. This is when a car makes a lot of short trips that never allow the engine to reach its optimum operating temperature. Partially burned fuel byproducts can result in sludge deposits and excessive rust.
  • High-temperature oxidation. Engine operating temperatures today are extremely high while the amount of oil in the sump is small, as little as four quarts. This severe heat stress on the oil can accelerate oil oxidation, resulting in oil thickening, loss of lubricating properties, varnish and piston deposits.
  • Passenger car engines deliver high horsepower in relation to the size and weight of engine components. This places great stress on engine parts such as the valvetrain, which strains to provide the high cam lift and spring loads required for efficiency and high engine speeds.

The use of air-pollution control devices such as positive crankcase ventilation and exhaust gas recirculation can increase the heat stress on an oil and increase the amount of contaminants in the oil.

What are the main lubrication problems in passenger car engines?

Oil additives are used World over to enhance the overall quality of Lubrication and hence the better life of engine and overall performance & economy. These are performance modifiers.

What kind of Oil Additive is best – Liquid Based or Solid particle based ?

The performance can be achieved in many ways. Solid particle based technology has many controversies all over the World where experts have shown their apprehensions as solid particles have tendency to clog oil filters and may become hindrance in free flow of lubrication in thinner lubricating lines. Therefore Wonder Fill Oil Supplement is based on Liquid Technology to avoid any such apprehension. Liquid works best with liquids as our research team has selected right combination to give best results.

Which type of vehicle Wonder Fill is Most Effective ?

Wonder Fill can be used in any 4 stroke engine. It can be used in proportion of 5% to 15% by volume of engine oil.

Can Wonder Fill be used in New Bike or Car?

Wonder Fill is recommended volume mix can be used in any type of New or Old car or bike. 50ml pack is recommended for bikes having 1 litre engine oil capacity and 350 ml pack is recommended for cars. One need not change the engine oil to use Wonder Fill. Just pour the recommended quantity in vehicles Engine Oil tank.

Why no technical data is provided by any Oil Supplement supplier ?

Oil Supplement is a blend of various chemicals including hydrocarbons and other chemical compounds. This success formula cannot be shared as it is a commercial as well as professional secret. Like formula of any popular soft drink is the formula of that particular manufacturer and would not be shared due to commercial reason.

Why exact enhancement parameters are not provided ?

Like every human being is different, every vehicle usage i.e. machine + Driver + way of driving + driving conditions + road & load conditions keep varying. Therefore it cannot be standardized.

But the users have lot more positive feedback about the benefits in terms of engine smoothness, better mileage, better response to throttle and overall better experience with peace of mind derived out of using our products.

What more products are available from the stable of Wonder Fill ?

We have launched Wonder Fill Oil Supplement in India and now we will keep adding products like Injector Cleaner, Anti Rust treatment, Paint protection treatment and many bike and car related products to enhance the satisfaction levels from their vehicles.

How can I be sure I'm getting high-quality oil?

Throughout the world there are many differences in the oils. Users should use the type of oil recommended in their vehicle handbook/owners manual or an oil that claims to be approved by the manufacturer of their vehicle. After this, owners may look to an industry standard, such as from JASO, ACEA or API, for guidance.