Herbal Hygiene Vehicle Wash Concentrate 50ml

Herbal Hygiene Vehicle Wash Concentrate 50ml

Car Interiors Bacteria


Yes, car interiors can indeed be full of bacteria. According to research, cars can harbour hundreds of different types of bacteria and mold. The most common hotspots include steering wheels, foot mats, seat belts, buttons for windows and doors, door handles, and gear sticks.


The reason behind this is simple: your car is exposed to various sources of bacteria every day. From the food you eat in the car to contact with outdoor elements, the sports equipment you store in the trunk, or even the air that circulates within the vehicle, bacteria can easily multiple if conditions are right.


Furthermore, the fact that the interior of most automobiles are not cleaned as regularly or as thoroughly as our home environments can also lead to a build-up of bacteria, dust, and other allergens. Keeping a car clean involves more than just aesthetic maintenance, it's also about maintaining good hygiene and health standards. Regular and thorough cleanings, especially with sanitizing products, can therefore help to keep bacteria levels under control.


Write Up Herbal Wash


Introducing our innovative Herbal Car Wash Concentrate: a revolutionary tool for maintaining both your car's shine and the environment's health.


Our Herbal Car Wash Concentrate is meticulously designed with the health of both the consumer and the environment in mind. Void of harmful chemicals such as ammonia and phosphates, this organic solution is your key to a harmless and effective cleaning method.


Structured as a powerful sanitizer, this concentrate offers a complete car hygiene wash that goes beyond mere superficial cleaning. It digs deep, banishing bacteria and germs with its superior sanitizing prowess. Despite its commanding cleaning strength, this car wash concentrate does not produce any unpleasant odours, compared to general disinfectants and sanitizers. Instead, it leaves your car smelling crisp and clean.


Featuring a potent formulation that enables a significant dilution ratio of 1:300, this product ensures that just a small quantity goes a long way. It is not only cost-effective with only few paisa per wash, but also simpler and more efficient to use.


Our Herbal Car Wash Concentrate is also developed with the daily washer boy in mind. Its gentle yet effective formulation ensures a safe, routine use without compromising their health due to exposure to harmful chemicals.


Moreover, the concentrate is paint safe and sun film safe. We comprehend the importance of a car's aesthetic longevity; hence, we've ensured that our product will protect and preserve your vehicle's paintwork and sun film while guaranteeing a thorough cleanse.


Last but not least, our Herbal Car Wash Concentrate is biodegradable, rendering it completely safe for the environment. It breaks down into non-toxic components, offering you an eco-friendly substitute to conventional chemically infused options.


Indulge in an unequalled cleaning experience with our Herbal Car Wash Concentrate that embodies not just the brilliance of science but also the wisdom of nature.

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